Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Benjamin, Bolt and A&E

Okay, first up an update on the health front.

Lately I’ve been having trouble with my neck and also more recently suffering with sensitive teeth and ear ache on my left hand side. On valentines day, after I’d cooked a meal, the left hand side of my face became increasingly painful and as such, I retired to bed very early to try to sleep it off. Unfortunately the pain grew and grew, until I couldn’t stop shaking.

Anyway, it was off to A&E again for me (something I wanted to avoid this year after a disastrous 2008) and they were of the opinion that the pain may not be from my neck, but from either gland or sinus infection.

I’ve generally been better since then, although the pain still comes and goes and I’ve continued to feel somewhat run down…

Anyway, enough doom and gloom…

Films watched:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Interesting concept which isn’t explored sufficiently. A flat performance from Pitt doesn’t help matters.



Extremely entertaining CGI effort from Disney which entertains adult and children alike. Not Pixar quality, but surprisingly close.


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