Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wiiware revival

I note that Eurogamer have a review of World of Goo, and rather a good review at that. I was pleased to note that they also highlighted the obvious bonus of co-op play in the Wii version of the game, which obviously is not present in the PC version, as I also found this to be a pleasant little bonus in an already more the pleasant game.

In addition that also have a run down of the Art Style games recently added to Wiiware, which I must admit have also peaked my interest and have also given these high praise.

It would seem that Wiiware is at last starting to get a reasonable selection of original and interesting games and about time too. Previously it has been lagging behind both Xbox live and the PSN. Hopefully this is just a sign of more things to come...

Just need that update now so that the games can run off a SD card!

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Sinbad said...

World of Goo and Lost Winds still seem to be the only *really* good titles on there so far though. I have so many games backed up, and more to come it's going to take something pretty special to make me take time to use the Wii again.

BTW it's "piqued" - for some reason seeing this misspelled "peaked" makes me grind my teeth (they're always doing it on gaming sites - grr). Ok, spelling nazi mode disabled. ;)