Thursday, January 08, 2009

3D gaming

Is 3D the next step for gaming?

It would seem that Sony seem to be toying with the idea. Apparently they have had a booth at CES giving varies demos of this, running, amongst other things, Grand Turismo and Wipout HD using this technology.

I've had some experience wih modern 3D vision (as oppose to the old black and white red/green effect) when I watched Beowulf in 3D in London. The effect I have to say, was bloody impressive. It took a few minutes to adjust to, but after a while it really did add to the experience (so much so that I was much less impressed with the film watching it later without 3D). In cinema, however, it has been little more than a gimmick, so it's quite likely that it will probably be little more for games. Still, it's interesting to see that this is being looked into.

Wipeout HD at speed in 3D on a large screen, may, however, be far to much for mortals to handle :)


Sinbad said...

I saw various permutations of this at Siggraph last year, including versions that didn't require you to wear glasses (custom TVs - but you had to stand in a particular spot). It was a nice gimmick but I could see it giving me a headache through prolonged use, especially since the camera moves a lot more in games than it does in movies (excluding Transformers of course, which also gave me a headache).

Bazlurgan said...

Headache's - yeah I could see a problem with that.

It could be the virtual boy all over again!