Monday, January 19, 2009

Veronica Mars “The Movie”

It’s now looking more and more likely that Veronica Mars may be following the Firefly route, namely taking a cancelled TV series and resurrecting it into a full blown movie following fan demand. Thankfully Veronica Mars managed to get 2 full seasons and one incomplete season out before cancellation, rather than the pitiful number of episodes that Firefly managed, but still there are far too many loose ends towards the end that need to be wrapped up.

Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars has spoken to iFMagazine and said the following:

"My writing the movie is half the battle. Someone else has to pay for it," he said. "Joel Silver does have a certain pile of money. He called on me saying 'Can we do this now?' Kristen wants to do it. Joel wants to do it and I want to do it. For me, that’s the next project."

“I think it would open just days before the Hearst College Graduation. So Veronica would be sort of at the end of her college career."

This is just what we need… Not the FBI offshoot which was proposed, just one last glorious murder mystery to bring everything to a close.

Both this and Dexter are by far the best recent TV series that I have watched of late…

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