Saturday, July 08, 2006

Linedancing, Ultraviolet, New Mario & Spam

Roz took part in the Red Cross Fete and was part of the entertainment as one of many people giving a demonstration of linedancing. During the demonstration they asked for members of the audience to join in and Elliot wanted to have a go. As such, I went up with him and have now experienced my first and very possibly my last go at linedancing!

We also purchased a 4 sheets of raffle tickets (not much really) and ended up winning 2 prizes. A free 1 hour go at The Bowl and a food hamper. Included in the food hamper was....


Yes, being a Python fan I've always had a fundness fo SPAM, but never actually tried it... Oh well, there's always a first...

Games played:
New Super Mario Bros

I’ve had this for almost a week now, but haven’t had too much time to play it. I’m still trying to finish Phoenix Wright (nearish the end now) and that’s been taking priority. However, what I have played so far is very promising. Very much a return to roots for Mario and quite simply a joy to play.

The glowing colours of Mushroom Kingdom welcome you back immediately with open arms and the age old gameplay is just as fun as you remember. This really is Nintendo simply doing what Nintendo does best. It’s just a shame that it’s taken so long for Mario to return to his 2D roots.

My only slight complaint is that the game will only save after you complete each castle or unlock a Mushroom shop. As such, it’s a bit of a pain if you want to retread levels for the extra hidden coins, as in effect you can only save you position if you can collect 5 of this to open a shop or when you attack (and complete) a castle level for the first time.

Films watched:

This film had truly terrible views, real stinkers. Its Rotten Tomato rating is just 10%, but all the same, I like the sound of the premise and I’m rather fund of Milla Jovovich, so I thought I’d give it a go.

To cut my review short… the other reviews were right.

The friend that I borrowed this from described it as The Matrix on speed. A more accurate description would be The Matrix Reloaded – but worse.


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Steve said...

Spam 'Lite'? Not even the traditional Spam has escaped the scourge of the 'Lite' brigade, eh...