Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hills, 93, ECG, trailers and riding a bike

Elliot has finally got the hang of riding his bike. Roz and I bought it for him a good few months ago but up until recently, he has got the hang of pedalling a full rotation (he tended to move himself along with a half rotation, then realigning and starting again). Now there’s no stopping him…

Also, we have recently taken down all but one of the stair gates in our house. Elliot had pretty much figures out how to open them, so they no longer really served much purpose.

I’ve noticed that since I’ve started riding into work that I’ve been getting rather uncomfortable chest pains. As such, I decided to go to the doctor to ask about this. He suggested an immediate ECG (which was worrying), thankfully my heart is fine. Instead, it’s some sort of gullet infection which will likely be better soon (actually feeling better already).

There have been a whole host of trailers posted on the web recently, these being:

Snakes on a Plane – interesting could be amusing.

Lady in the Water – Lost faith in M Night Syamalan a long time ago.


Spiderman 3 ( which can be found here)

Looks promising!

Films watched:
United 93

An unnervingly real account of the tragic flight 93 during the events of September 11. So real in fact, that this almost seems to a documentary take on the events.

The brought back memories to me of my reaction on that day. The utter shock and disbelieve. The feeling that the whole world was coming to pieces. An overwhelming sense of sympathy for those and the families caught up in these events.

As a film, this is remarkable, something that I couldn’t really describe as enjoyable, but could describe as unmissable. If this isn’t up for an Oscar come 2007 I’ll eat my hat. My only complaint would be that the film really is split in two parts. That of the passengers on flight 93 and also air traffic control as they try to get to grips with the events. Whilst the air traffic control events are interesting, they are dragged on a little too long and I feel that the focus should have been skewed a little more to the passengers of the flight, perhaps giving a little more background to them.

The last twenty minutes or so, where the passengers say goodbye by mobile to their love ones and decide to take action against the terrorists really is quite an emotional experience. Highly, highly recommended.


The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Haven’t I seen this before? No, I’m not talking about the original either. I’m talking about the endless spew of slasher films in the past few years. I’m talking Texas Chainsaw, Hostel, Wolf Creek, Wrong Turn … the list is almost endless.

For all the blood, guts and violence this film had it was lacking one very important ingredient… a plot.

I’m starting to tire of watching the same film over and over again. Hell, I like horror’s, but for god sake, a little bit of originality is needed. Please?


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