Sunday, July 23, 2006

Swimming, cesspit and police

I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of my weekend (and a couple of days prior to that).

1. Somehow, don’t ask, managed to back my car into a cesspit on Elliot’s friends farm. As such, one of the wheels managed to dip down into the hole, leaving my car dangling rather precariously. After a bit of leverage and the threat of a jeep slamming into the rear of the car, I managed to get free.

2. Came home to find the police at my house the other day. We seem to have picked up yet another set of tenants which have involved the police making an appearance to our flat. Also, we seem to have picked yet another set of tenants whose relationship has broken up shortly after moving. Hopefully everything should be fine. I have spoken to the remaining tenant after the police left (apparently her ex had come around and had been rather threatening).

3. Actually been to the beach with Elliot the last couple of day and have gone for a swim in the sea. My goodness, I’d forgotten how pleasant and relaxing it can be to swim in the sea as oppose to a pool… I actually enjoyed myself! What’s more, I find that swimming is a lot easier in the sea, must be something to do with the salt adding to buoyancy. Damn bloody cold at first, yeah, but very nice.

4. As I was on the beach, I now have sunburn on my back where I “missed” with the suncream. As such, I look like a bizarre white and red zebra.

5. Also seem to have picked up a case of athletes foot… Ick, I blame the sand.

6. Seems to have been my weekend for accidentally barging into female tenants or Roz’s friends as they come out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. I’m not a stalker… Honest…

7. Managed to finish New Super Mario and Tomb Raider Legend. I’m bound to return to Mario, as there is plenty still to unlock and replay to collect missed coins. Legend on the other hand finished rather abruptly. It’s by far the best Tomb Raider game, but the ending just seemed like a bit of a letdown. Oh also finished Phoenix Wright a week or so ago. Great game… Looking forward to the sequel – Justice For All…

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