Thursday, May 18, 2006

Flat, Second console (?) and Jersey

We have reached a compromise with our tenants. They are going to pay us the amount we paid to the estate agents in fees and as such, we will allow them the cease the lease early. As such, our flat will be available (again) on June 11th. We’ve contacted Martel Maides (not Swoffers this time) and they have found us tenants already!

Unfortunately, however, are agent from Martel Maides has told us that there is a rather unfortunate smell in the flat. She described that as like a tomcat had peed on the carpet. So now we have this to deal with. The new tenants seem happy to take on the flat, so long as the smell is dealt with.

The problem is, we can’t very well go down to the flat and tell our tenants that they smell, or even ask what they have been doing in the flat to cause the smell (they could very well be unaware of it). I think our best bet is to simply get the flat professionally cleaned (including the carpets) prior to the new tenants moving in.

Our new tenants would prefer to move in a little early on the 1st June, so I’ll have to speak to the existing tenants to find out whether they are willing to leave early. That's the plan at least, except I don't seem to be able to catch a time when the tenants are actually in the flat...

I read on the internet today that the official response to the Wii from BOTH Sony and Microsoft is that it would make an excellent second console… At this rate the Wii may even get the biggest market share! We can but hope. All I want now is an official release date in Europe sometime before Christmas 06… Pretty please Nintendo.

I’ll be off to Jersey in a couple of weeks with Roz, Elliot and Roz’s parents. We’ll be staying at the Merton Hotel as this is ideal for children, and Elliot seemed to enjoy it there last time. Also the evening buffet meals are lovely!

Whilst in Jersey I’m hoping to catch a few films at their vastly superior cinema… Namely:

The Da Vinci Code
X-Men 3
United 93 (possibly)

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