Saturday, May 20, 2006

BB, Flat, Work and Phoenix

Okay I admit it… I watched the first episode (and now the second) of Big Brother 2006.

I used to rather enjoy watching Big Brother, but since Elliot came along, finding the time to watch so much television became problematic, as such I did really see much of the last 2 series.

The reason I enjoy watching Big Brother – simple my friends. As outrageous and freakish as the large majority of contestants are, they are still people. As such, after a very short period of time (maybe a few days) their true character normally bubbles to the surface and then you get conflicts, disagreements and arguments… The real fun part.

I guess I always tend to put myself mentally in the house and imagine what it would be like as a “housemate”. For starters, I’d tend to be the oddball in the corner who doesn’t speak to a soul and doesn’t get involved with anything. There’s also the fact that I’d likely hate the majority of the housemates and not hide my feelings or opinions in the slightest. Strangely, I’d probably rather enjoy the experience (even if I was tearing what little hair I have out in frustration after a couple of hours).

Will I watch anymore of this series…? I might, but not religiously so.

We now have the deposit from out new tenants and I’ve drawn up a new lease, just need to get it signed now. The new tenants sound like nice (reliable) people, so fingers crossed, things should go as planned. They’ll be moving in on June 11th.

I’d love to blog about what I’ve been doing at work, but I can’t. Confidentiality you see. I’d love to say that I went … and saw …, then bumped into… Then went … and did …, but I can’t. I’ll just say that it’s been quite an eventful week and probably a little more varied and exciting than usual.

Games played:
Phoenix Wright
This has got to be one of my favourite games on the DS so far.

It’s so, so simple. Really no more than a simple text adventure really, but as the story progresses and you start to put the clues together and build a case, it really gets the adrenalin pumping.

Roz said the other day that it sound a little too much like work (my work that is). Then again I rarely deal with Silver Samurai actors, Psychics and dead bosses in real life!

Just hope that the sequel is as good. Maybe a Wii version may even be on the cards (although I’m uncertain how the wiimote would be used – unless they included a microphone attachment), I can but hope anyway. After all, Trauma Centre is due to be a launch title for the Wii – so why not bring Phoenix Wright to the party?


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steve said...

Urgh - Big Brother, the scourge of television. It's like a soap opera (not a good thing) but without a plot. They should just rename it 'pointless freak show' and be honest about it.

I despair at the number of TV shows that are entirely about throwing a bunch of (preferably obnoxious or irritating) people in a situation where they rip each other to shreds, or get humiliated in some other way (The Apprentice, Project Catwalk etc). It's like a modern version of the Collosseum, but without the interesting bits. It certainly goes for the same psychological buttons, ie people like seeing other people squirm. Sad really.