Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well Nintendo have revealed the new slimline DS.

My reaction... I isn't the radical change that was the Gameboy Advance to the Gameboy Advance SP, but still it looks like a must buy purchase (for me at least). This also goes a long way to explain the DS shortages in Japan at the moment, as it is obvious that they are readying this new design for launch.

It's certainly a lot more stylish than the current model and will make the PSP look a hell of a less "portable" than it already isn't. I'm sure that it'll sell like hotcake (in Japan at least)...

Games playing:
Mario Kart DS
There should definitely be some sort of penalty imposed on people who play Mario Kart online and disconnect, just because they’re losing. The other day, I joined a game, which totalled 4 players (including me obviously). They were all relative “newbies” to the game, going by their rankings, so generally I was winning each race. In the first race, one player disconnected, because he was way behind, in the second race another player disconnected for the same reason. This left just the two of us, then in the third race he disconnected as well.

For goodness sake, even if you’re losing show the grace to finish the race... I know even if I'm playing against vastly better opposition (which is getting rarer these days), then I can tip the favour in my balance by a careful choice of circuit... Can't other people do the same? Is there online win / lose stats that precious to them that they feel they need to disconnect?

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