Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A “bounced” cheque and Guernsey Bloggers

Okay then. Our new tenants signed their lease on the 8th January, at which time they should have paid the deposit required and also the first months rent. As this was a Sunday however, we agreed that they could pay it on the Monday (when they actually moved in). On the Monday they said that they needed another day or two to get money from their parents to pay us and eventually we got a cheque.

Just the other day, we found out that the cheque has just bounced.

I went down to speak to them last night and explained that according to the lease if I did not receive payment by the 22nd January, the lease was null and void and they would need to move out on that date.

She assured me that the money had cleared at her account and that she will get the cash for us, which she will give me tonight. We shall see tonight if this materialises.

We cannot afford to own the additional flat without getting rent towards the additional mortgage, so obviously this is the last thing we need right now. We have a little backup money, but not a lot, and we would prefer not to dip into our limited savings unless necessary. I’m hoping that we do get the money soon, as although they haven’t been the most reliable of tenants so far, at least they’re reasonable quiet. Also, so long as we get the deposit, we always have this to fall back on in case they give us any further payment problems.

Ah… The life of a landlord is far from simple!

I recently took a look on Blogger at the number of fellow bloggers who live in Guernsey. I was rather surprised at how few there are who maintain up to date blogs. There's really just Sameranda (who I was aware of), and that’s it! I know of 2 more Guernsey resident who write blogs, neither of which are on Blogger. I’m well aware that Blogger isn’t the only service to offer blogs, but so far as I was aware, it’s the most popular. Don’t other people in Guernsey have anything interested to say? I know that I rarely have anything “interesting to say”, but that’s another matter entirely :)

On a more positive note I hope to pop out tonight to go and see The Producers. So I’ll likely be posting my views here idc.


Sameranda said...

And that's only becuase I have far too much free time at work!!

steve said...

You missed Damien,

I don't use free blogging systems because I don't like other people storing and examining my data for marketing opportunities. It's also nice to be able to switch systems and keep your data if you want - my blog goes back to October 2003, eventhough I've changed systems a couple of times :)