Thursday, January 19, 2006

More tenant stress… and The Producers

Well… The tenants DIDN’T pop any money up to me this evening so I went back down (AGAIN) to have words with them.

She explained that her Aunt had been found dead recently in her car and that she was currently understandably upset (she was crying at the time). Roz told me that there has been a story in the press recently about a woman being found dead in a car, so this at least collaborates. The cynical side of me fined this a little convenient timing wise and suspect that she may be fibbing for extra time.

I told her basically that I was very sorry for her loss, but the money was still required, and if this wasn’t received by the 22nd, then we would have to ask her to leave. She replied by saying that her mother would be dropping a loan cheque down this evening for the amount and would post it though our door.

Guess what… After returning from the cinema… No cheque!!!!!


Film watched:
The Producers.
I enjoyed the original, but it has been absolutely ages since I last saw it. This has got to be the only film which is a film of the stage musical, which is based on a film about a stage musical… Try explaining that to someone!

Although the beginning of the film was just a little too close to the original for my liking, it picked up very quickly and generally I really enjoyed it. The film did tend to loose a little momentum towards the end and could have been around 15 minutes shorter, but that’s not really a great issue.

Generally a very entertaining and amusing musical that harks back in many ways to the golden age of Hollywood musicals.

It definitely lacked the topless chorus girls from Springtime for Hitler in the original, which was a shame, as they only added to the generally tastelessness of the whole production.


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