Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Mist

Film watched:
The Mist

Excellent old school Stephen King, with a brutal, BRUTAL ending!

7.5/10 (previously 8.5/10)

Edit: Score change…

Okay, I’ve been thinking a little bit more about the ending of The Mist, which as I understand it was rather controversial. My mindset has changed a little, and I’m now of the opinion that it is a little TOO brutal (yes this is me speaking). I think if it was me writing it, I’d probably left the ending a little ambiguous and maybe cut out the last minute. This would result in a horribly depressing ending (which would be good), but not an “oh my freaking God how could they” ending.

Also, Roz came and sat next to me for just the last 5 minutes of the film and watched the conclusion with no sound (I had headphones on) and STILL it reduced her to tears, without even watching the rest of the movie to build up any type of relationship with the characters. That's just an indication of how brutal, crushing, (possibly) unnecessarily shocking and plain mean the ending is.

As such, I’ve knocked a point off my original score.

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Roz said...

No it just proves that I cry easily!