Thursday, December 04, 2008

Amazon MP3's

I note with interest that Amazon have recently launched their MP3 store:


I have to say that this look rather good, for the following reasons:

1) Most importantly it is DRM free (which always puts me off buying from itunes)
2) It's cheap - there are brand new albulms selling for just £3.00... and not rubbish albulms.
3) It has a MP3 downloader software (which I haven't tested), which automatically updates itunes for you.
4) It has a good selection from the get go.
5) It's Amazon, so if you have any hassle, you know that their customer service will be top notch.

So, all in all... Looks good.

1 comment:

Sinbad said...

Some of the albums they have are also on iTunes Plus, which has no DRM either (like Oasis's new album, which is £3.95 on ITunes Plus). But a blanket no-DRM rule is good, it might finally push everyone else to go down this route.

I'm not sure they'll keep the prices at this level, I'm sure it's a timed promotion. Their rates seem to vary a lot too - tracks go from 59p to 79p (same as iTunes), despite the £3 headline album figure, not sure what that's about.

Good to have some viable competition anyway.