Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still here

Just a quick post to confirm that I am still here.

My operation on Friday went to plan, and I’m currently at home resting and recovering.

I’m not doing too bad at the moment, rather uncomfortable at times, and suffering from bloating (they inflated my stomach for the operation) and also tend to get tired very quickly, but apart from that pretty okay. I’m set to have my stitches removed next week and have this week and the next signed off from work.

Fingers crossed everything should remain okay, I’m slowly getting a little bit of an appetite back, but at present am only really managing kid sized portions (and a little scrawny kid at that).

So, that’s it for now – will likely post again soon.


Anonymous said...

get well soon, my dear friend.

Sinbad said...

Oh, I thought they did dissolvable stitches on keyhole surgery.

Hope you feel better soon.