Thursday, November 06, 2008

Grimm and Grim

Film watched:
The Brothers Grimm

Not bad, but ironically somehow missing the special Gilliam magic.


Hopefully (fingers crossed), things are starting to move forward in regards to our flat. I would like to think that my parents may be able to move into it sometime early December, but I try not to get my hopes too high.

Whilst dealing with the flat we needed to clear out numerous overflowing bags of rubbish from both the flat and also in the garden, some of which split whilst moving. The contents really were extremely grim, I tried clearing it up, but had to stop before I was sick. Luckily Roz’s stomach is made of stronger stuff and she was able to finish cleaning up for me. However, overall, not a very pleasant experience.

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Anonymous said...

You would think, being a parent, that you would have developed a slightly stronger stomach by now! :)