Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mandy Lane and Birthday

Film watched:
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

My high hopes for this were ground to pieces. Disappointing.


It was my birthday a few days ago, and I had a generally pleasant day off from work. It seems that there is so much going on at the present, what with my operation in a few days time and also dealing with the flat, that I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to relax a little.

Anyway, I was treated by both family and friends on my birthday and received a plethora or presents. On the gaming front I received Bioshock, Little Big Planet (LBP) and Disgaea DS and on the film front, I received blu-rays of The Godfather Trilogy and The Orphanage.

I thought I’d briefly post my initial (brief) thoughts about Bioshock and LBP.


It’s great to be able to finally play the game, after waiting for a whole year for it to eventually be released on the PS3. So far it has been extremely atmospheric and a real joy to play. The dark steampunk environments look absolutely excellent on my marvellous new LCD, and it is decideably creepy in places.

Little Big Planet

If anything, this game has exceeded my expectations. Just about everyone that I know who has had a chance to play it has loved it so far. As a single player game it exudes enough charm for a truckload of games and the levels created by others on the PSN are nothing short of astonishing. I’ve dabbled a little with the create mode, but have not had enough time to go into this in any depth yet.

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