Monday, July 28, 2008

WALL-E & Elliot’s party

Film watched:

Fantastic story and characters, gorgeous animation. Must be Pixar.


I’ve also go to add that it was Elliot’s birthday on 26 July and his birthday party on 27 July.

We hired out a hall and also a huge bouncy castle for the party. In total there were around 25 children for the party running around (and trying to beat me to death with balloons mainly)… All in all it was good fun and Elliot seemed to have a really good time. So, success :)

We went to see WALL-E at the cinema on Elliot’s birthday. It was the first time that he has ever watched a film in the cinema (if you can call our local cinema a cinema, but that’s another story). Previously he has only ever watched a few films at home on DVD, and generally that is in bits, rather than all in one sitting.

Overall he enjoyed the film (smart kid, that one) and also the experience, although he did seem quite surprised at the length of a full blow movie (all 99 minutes of it)

Lastly, got to add that the Pixar short before WALL-E “Presto”, was also absolute genius and had me laughing out loud.

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