Friday, July 11, 2008

Rambo, clan and Siren

Film watched:

Silly, pointless, needlessly violent and banal. With some slight fun.


Had our second arranged clan game last night, and once again we lost. I opted to step out of the last game so that a sub from our clan also got a chance to play, however prior to this I was really little more than cannon fodder and pretty inept cannon fodder at that.

All the same, it was still good fun and even if we NEVER win a single game, it’s still a great experience.

A demo for Siren: Blood Curse was also put on the US PSN store last night and as such I downloaded this, as it is a game I’ve been intrigued by. A had a go last night and was impressed, it is a very atmospheric game, similar in some respects to Silent Hill, but maybe with a touch more action (or at least that is what the demo seemed to suggest).

My only issue with the game is that in the US and Europe it is being released as a PSN only game, split over 4 chapters. In Japan you have the choice of either downloading or buying on Blu-ray. The problem with this is that the game, in it’s entirety, is rather big, weighing in at around 7gb. I do have room on my HD, but with a lot of games these days requiring a HD install, I’m reluctant to use up 7gb for Siren. It’s a shame, I might of considered buying it had they released the physical version over here, but as of now I’ll skip it.

Of course the only other option is for me to buy a bigger hard drive for my PS3. It is something that I have considered in the past, but really I’m a little lazy and can’t be bothered with the hassle of figuring out how to install this and also transfer the contents from my existing hard drive…


Sinbad said...

My little 360 20Gb HD isn't even half full yet, even with all the Rock Band DLC I'm buying!

I think the number of HD installs for PS3 games is getting a bit silly, I remember people moaning that installs were a reason they moved from the PC to consoles ;)

Bazlurgan said...

Yeah I agree it certainly is a pain... But waht can yo do about it (beyond managing my downloads a little better). Plus I also tend to store some video and music files on my PS3 - which takes up additional room.

Oh well.