Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hard day and Help

Since I can probably be classed now as a bit of a Beatlholic, I thought it about time that I watched some of the films that they made. Yes, they made films as well.

Although not as highly regarded as their music output, they are still very much part of the Beatles culture. Of course I’ve seen Yellow Submarine before many years ago as a kid (as I’m sure many people of my age have), but I have never seen any of their other films. Unfortunately, Yellow Submarine, Let it Be and Magical Mystery Tour are currently readily unavailable on DVD (unless you want to pay over the head for inferior copies), so as such, I asked for A Hard Days Night and Help for Christmas.

On watching both movies, it is immediately apparent that it is both Ringo and Lennon who are most comfortable in front of the camera, Mccartney seems a little underused (although I love the adventures of miniature Paul in Help) and Harrison confirms his role as the “quiet Beatle”. A Hard Days Night is considered to be the best Beatles movie, but this could be because it was released at the very height of Beatlemania. Personally I much preferred Help, which at least attempted to add a storyline into the mix, even if this story is rather carefree and whimsical.

Anyway, onto the mini reviews:

Films watched:
A Hard Days Night

Captures the spirit of Beatlemania well. Amusing in places.

Whimsical amusing Bond spoof with a great soundtrack.


steve said...

Glad you liked it :) I'm enjoying Family Guy, you can borrow them if you like once I'm finished - 'Chitty Chitty Death Bang' in the first season is particularly good.

Bazlurgan said...

Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing them, especially as I think I only ever saw the first series!