Monday, July 02, 2007

Baise-Moi and E3 predictions

Film watched:

Okay for this, I’m going to break my 10 words or less review rule.

I purchased this on DVD to watch as I’d heard that it was meant to be a shocking and controversial film and as a rule, these types of films tend to interest me (see Oldboy for a prime example of this).

Now it is true that film is shocking, what it is, is shockingly awful. I have seen really bad films before, films which I have given exceptionally low marks, the two that spring to mind being Scary Movie and The Black Dahlia, this film however, make these look like masterpieces.

To be honest I find it unbelievable that such a film would ever be released, let alone get a theatrical release.

The film is a French language movie about 2 women, who for no apparent reason, decide to go on a mad spree of sex and violence. That is it. If there was a plot, it was so thinly veiled that it was invisible. What it really boiled down to was just an excuse to get copious amounts of badly directed sex and violence onto screen as possible. What it ends up like is a porn movie which is trying it’s best to be a cross between Pulp Fiction and Thelma and Louise.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing in this film that I could recommend. Hell, even the limited porn movies I have ever watched had better acting then this pile of excrement!

0/10 (yes it is THAT bad)

It is just over a week now to E3 (or should that be mini-E3). As such, I thought I’d try my best to predict the upcoming announcements. I’ll just be covering Playstation and Nintendo, as I have little interest in Microsoft:


- A new smaller and slimmer PSP is announced, in the same vein as the DS Lite.
- A price cut is announced for the PS3 – due for the Christmas season.
- A new Sixaxis is announced, including rumble.
- Resistance: Fall of Man 2 is announced.
- A release date is given for MGS4 – and it’s in 2008!
- Bioshock is announced for the PS3 – to be release in 2008 after the Xbox and PC release.
- In game footage is shown of Final Fantasy XIII, which wows the press.


- Release dates are given for Super Mario Galaxy and Smash Brothers Brawl (both Christmas 2007)
- It is announced that Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Nintendogs are being developed for the Wii and footage of these is shown. They are not due to be released until 2008. All will feature online play.
- The Wii will be released in new colours. Probably black and pink.
- Wiisports 2 is announced. This also has online play.
- Wiimusic is shown in full and Nintendo pushes this as the next big thing.
- An online mode is revealed for Metroid Prime 3 (although this is probably wishful thinking on my part).
- Wiihealth is announced – including a heart rate monitor attachment for the Wiimote.
- A new 2D Mario game is shown for the DS.
- Nintendcats is announced for the DS.

I’ll see how close these predictions are at the end of next week.

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