Friday, July 20, 2007

10 best re-evaluation

It’s only natural that a person’s tastes in film, music, games and the like changes over the course of the years. As such I’ve recently been pondering my favourite films of all time, and I thought I’d re-evaluate my top 10 films, and as I love lists, I thought I’d list them on this blog.

These are not in order of my favourites (as these change around so much), but instead I have chosen to order them by their current standing in the IMDB top 250 films (which can be found HERE if your interested in reading the rest).


1) The Godfather

What more can be said about this film that hasn’t been said already. There are so many classic moments in this film, but for me, I simply love the ending few seconds. As Kate watches Michael through a slightly ajar door into the study as he finally takes his place as head of the family, only to then have the door silently closed in front of her. It’s such a symbolic, simple and chilling scene.

2) The Shawshank Redemption

A film which had a very muted release at the cinema, then open release on video, its popularity began to grow, and grow and grow. The reason, it’s just a fantastic film which popularity is all thanks to good word of mouth. And to think that this started with a largely ignored short story by Stephen King (who is a great writer, but has suffered a very patchy novel to film success ratio).

18) Goodfellas

This film is just so damn cool from start to finish. Martin Scorsese has never matched the quality of this film either previously, or after its release.

20) Once Upon a Time in the West

You can’t outdo the epic nature of this film (although Laurence of Arabia comes close). This is like a moving work of art, spread over a large sprawling canvas. Every scene is shot with absolute precision. The music is second to none. This is Spaghetti Westerns at their absolute pinnacle (yes I prefer it to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly).

22) Psycho

This film is so well known now that the twist that was so dramatic in 1960 is now totally lost. The fact that it was such a shock that the only star in the film and the main protagonist was killed halfway through the story, and with it the entire focus of the films shifts 180 degrees is now just accepted. This film was an incredibly bold film both for Hitchcock and also for Hollywood at it’s time.

37) Vertigo

This will always be on these lists. This is a film that I love with a passion and always will do. Some aspects of the film do not mean as much to me as they used to (the obsessive nature of Scotty in the film), but this does not lessen it’s impact. This is Hitchcock’s finest, and that’s saying a lot.

69) Aliens

The best Sci-Fi film ever, the best action film ever. Just pure entertainment and thrills from the very beginning right until the end. Also, quite likely, my most watched film ever.

107) Once Upon a Time in America

An epic movie with a great 1920’s Prohibition atmosphere (which is an era that I love). It may have slightly cranky dialogue in places, but in every other way it is simply divine. I also love the ambiguous ending which has you questioning the whole film.

116) Oldboy

I’ve already spoken about this film endlessly on my blog. It still amuses me to read the comments on IMDB and the reviews. I do not think there is any film out there which polarises opinions so much. However, for me it is just a perfect combination of style, a fantastic premise, great acting and inspired direction. It’s also got to be the coolest film by far on my list.

147) The Graduate

Best “feel good” film ever. The kind of film which makes me feel like I could do just about anything if I put my mind to it.


Roz said...

Since when do you "love lists????"

I will remind you of this next time I give you one of mine :)

Bazlurgan said...

I guess it depends on the the TYPE of list!