Sunday, March 18, 2007

REM does #9 and 10 word reviews

I was browsing in the itunes store yesterday and noticed that REM have released a new charity single for Amnesty International. It’s a cover of #9 Dream by John Lennon, one of my favourite Lennon tracks. Rather good actually, and as I was unsure if it will be on their new album in due course, I downloader it immediately.

Good cause, good song.

I’ve decided that for now and in future, any film reviews that I do, will be a maximum of 10 words and have a score – just to persuade me to keep things as a minimal and also to get stuff on my blog – as such…

Films watched:
Pan’s Labyrinth

Stunning and touching myth meets fable movie. WATCH THIS NOW!


The Host

Korean Jaws meets Jurassic Park Horror / comedy. Quite barmy really…


BTW on a side note - how the hell did Pan's Labrinth NOT win best foreign film at the Oscars? Hell, it deserved Best Picture!

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