Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My PS2 compatibility list

Well Sony have placed there PS2 and PS1 compatibility up a tad earlier than originally stated (previously they said that this would be on the launch date).

The amount of compatible titles has increased dramatically from 1000 to nearly 1800, this is almost 75% of all the PS2 games out there, however this is still a far cry from the 100% compatibility originally promised. Also, there is no sign of a 720p option for software compatibility as a sweetener to this loss of 100% compatibility.

On looking through the list, it also becomes apparent that there are varying degrees of compatibility. These are, compatible with: no issues, minor issues or noticeable issues. The extent of these “issues” is not discussed and I guess only time will tell.

I have taken a look through this and marked the compatibility with my own titles owned below:

My PS2 games:

GTA 3 - No issues
GTA: Vice City - No issues
ICO - No issues
Shadow of the Colossus - No issues
Disgaea - No issues
Tekken 5 - No issues

Gran Turismo 3 - Minor issues
Burnout 3 - Minor issues
Final Fantasy 12 - Minor issues

GTA: Vice City Stories - Noticeable issues
GTA: San Andreas - Noticeable issues
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Noticeable issues
Crazy Taxi - Noticeable issues
Disgaea 2 - Noticeable issues

Metal Gear Solid 2 - Will not run!
Rez - Will not run!

My PS1 games:

Tekken 3 - No issues
Bust a Move 2 - No issues

Final Fantasy 6 - Minor issues

Soul Blade - Noticeable issues

Final Fantasy 7 - Will not run!
Final Fantasy 8 - Will not run!
Final Fantasy 9 - Will not run!

Well, thank goodness that Final Fantasy 12 will work (with minor issues). I just hope that these issues are minor and do not disrupt the game in any significant way. Glad to see that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are both free of any issues. I’m a little surprised that the likes of GTA, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy (PS) have either noticeable issue or will not run at all. These are all very big franchises on the Playstation, and should be seen as a priority.

Overall, I think that I can live with this. It may not be ideal, but only time will tell how things go.

I’m sure I’ll add a blog entry after I have my PS3!

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