Thursday, March 01, 2007

More PS3 news (mainly positive this time)

Phil Harrison of Sony has announced that over 1000 PS2 games will be compatible with the PS3 at launch. Well, on taking a look on the internet, I see that approximately 2400 PS2 games have been released in Europe to date, so that means a 41.66% backwards compatible rate, which I guess isn’t too bad a beginning (considering this is due to be improved upon). Also he stated that they are concentrating on the “big” titles, which is sensible, because, lets be frank, there are a heck of a lot of crap titles out there for the PS2. As such, hopefully (fingers crossed), most of my games will work.

It’s a shame that no compatible games have been mentioned yet – please, please let Final Fantasy 12 and ICO work!

Other good news on the PS3 front (shock – I know), is that the RRP for games has been set at £39.99. This is the same as Wii games and less than the £49.99 for the Xbox 360 (although I believe that some games are £39.99), which is pretty good news, especially as I live in VAT free Guernsey this means that the games will be approximately £33.00.

Finally on the PS3 news front, the price of downloadable games has been confirmed as between £2.99 to £6.99, which again is pretty good. The initial games being release on the 23rd of March and following games are as follows:

Blast Factor (£3.49) - 23rd March
Grand Turismo HD (£free) - 23rd March
Super Rub-A-Dub (£TBC) - 30th March
flOw (£TBC) - 6th April
Tekken 5: DR (£6.99) - 23rd March


Also on a completely separate note, Bai Ling was in Sundays episode of Lost as a hot (but weird) Thai Tattooist... Wow... Wow... Easily my favourite episode so far of season 3!


steve said...

Good to hear. It actually might be a positive thing that it's software based, since this opens the door for them to improve the visuals when playing a PS2 game on the PS3. Stuff like antialiasing and better texture filtering for example could be bolted on pretty easily, compared to using the original hardware.

Steve said...

And indeed, it's already been rumoured that the 1.60 firmware update will support upscaling of PS2 games to 720p/1080i for the software emulation.

Bazlurgan said...

Yep - I'd heard that as well - which I must admit, would be a very good thing (and would make up for the fact that not all games could be played). I think so long as the MAJOR games are covered (I'm talking Final Fantasy, Tekken, MGS and the like) then there should be no problem...

Just please let ICO be playable... I'd miss not replaying it again a 4th time :(