Thursday, March 15, 2007

Midnight launch

Found out the other day that our local HMV are having a midnight launch for th PS3...

Does that mean that I'll be their at midnight?

Hell yes!

Am I a sad?

Hell yes!!!

Going to the midnight launch for me isn't just to get my hands on the PS3 ASAP, it's just that I've always read about midnight console laaunches in the US and the UK on the internet and have felt a little left out that I've never been part of one. Now I'll get my chance.

I know, I know... I'm a certified geek.

...but at least I'm not a Trekkie!


steve said...

If you go dressed as a Final Fantasy character, the geekdom will be complete. ;)

Bazlurgan said...

I could always go as Lara Croft?

What do you think...

Roz said...

I still think you shouls go as a chocoboo (sp?) :)