Monday, October 09, 2006

Robin and Rocky

Watched the new BBC adaptation of Robin Hood over the weekend.

Overall I was quite impressed, for a TV adaptation it was rather high budget (for the BBC at least). There is also a lot of scope in respect of the characters and future plot potentials.

I’ll certainly keep watching it.

Roz and I want to the charity showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday. It was the full blow affair, complete with audience participation and risqué costumes.

I didn’t get dressed up myself, although now I wish I had. I was very surprised by the number of people who did dress up for the occasion – at least half the audience were in full Rocky Horror mode (including Roz). It was really a very good evening and I must admit that I really got into the spirit of things, shouting Asshole and Slut at the approapriate times, throwing toast, wearing a paper on my head and all the usual things.

Anyway, here is a picture of Roz all dressed up for the occasion:

Also been feeling a tad down in the dumps again occasionally recently. Hope it doesn't come to anything mpre :-\


Sameranda said...

I was in a fancy dress shop on Friday and there were loads of teenagers in there looking for outfits!

Hope you cheer up soon. Go have a nice cup of tea with sugar : )

Katharyne said...


(eek, tell Roz I don't mean it ;))


Bazlurgan said...

I'm sure she'll understand ;-)