Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Game delays, Carpenters & PSTP

Nintendo have pushed back the release of several of their key titles for the DS in Europe, unfortunately, this means that most of the titles that I was hoping to get for Christmas will be unavailable in Europe until 2007. This includes, Final Fantasy 3, Elite Beat Agents and Hotel Dusk. Most of these games will be available in the US, therefore, importing is always an option…. But grrrr…

I’ve been getting the Carpenters a lot on shuffle on my ipod (a remnant of the time that I shared my ipod with Roz), and have been finding much to my shock that I’ve been enjoying must of the tracks (although “Close to you” is still vomit inducing in it’s sickliness). As such, I listened to the whole of their Greatest Hits album the other day, and I’m ashamed to admit that apart from a couple of tracks, I really am quite fond of the Carpenters… What next, the Bee Gees? Nah…

I’ve also recently discovered yet another great gaming based web-comic called “Press Start to Play”. A good read if you’re a fan of VGcats and Penny Arcade.

I especially liked their recent strips on Zelda (probably because I’m playing through Ocarina of Time again at the moment – Yes, I know, I desperately need Twilight Princess) and also Goldeneye:



I've also just learnt that friends of mine, Mark and Marie Le Ray, have just welcomed a little baby girl into the world. So a big congratulations to both of them... Sleep eh! Who needs it!

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