Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Neighbours, girl next door & voice

I won’t go into the specifics of the disagreement, only to say that last night (after I had enjoyed a bath and was wearing nothing but my dressing gown), I was called outside of my house to act as a intermediary between our tenant and our neighbour. Neither apologised for dragging me out into the cold, they were too busy arguing with each other. I seemed to calm this down, whilst still maintaining neutral ground and thankfully no physical violence was used (only harsh words).

Maybe I should have been a diplomat instead of tax inspector?

Film watched
The Girl Next Door

A likeable little post-American Pie teen comedy.

The most striking thing that I noticed was it’s extreme similarity to another, albeit older teen comedy, from the 80’s called Risky Business, staring a young Tom Cruise. All they did was replace prostitutes with porn stars and hey presto, a brand new movie!

Anyway, apart from this, the film was, as I said, rather likeable and even had a neat little minor twist near the end that took me by surprise. Worth watching, but not worth keeping.


On another note, it has recently come to my attention that the costs for my (other) website are due shortly, this being As funds are a little tighter these days, now that we have two properties and several very frightening mortgages, I have decided drop this website for the time being.

It’s a bit of a shame, but at the same time I haven’t actually updated this for some time and have finished writing anything new for over a year. It had been my intention to try to promote the website a bit more and like this to other sites of a similar nature, however, this is something that I have never gotten around to.

I’ve always liked the thought that my stories, poems and scripts were online, available to anyone to read, but the fact is that at present, I have very few people accessing my site. As such, it’s probably best that I put this project to bed for a while and maybe approach this again at a later date.

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