Friday, October 20, 2006

HMV, Lost is lost & Perfect Blue

Well HMV opened in Guernsey yesterday and I had the opportunity to pop my head in quickly before the official opening. While not quite as big as some of the UK branches, it’s still large enough for Guernsey and has the same variety and great offers that the UK has. Best of all, the prices seem to be very competitive and not bumped up to compensate for the lack of VAT.

All we need now is a KFC and a large cinema and I may never need to leave Guernsey again!

Film watched:
Perfect Blue

This is an anime film which has been described in the past as the type of film that Hitchcock would have made had he collaborated with Disney. This is a pretty fair description apart from the fact that I could never see Disney making such a film.

This is the type of film that I wished could be remade as a live action film for the English speaking world. The reason? Simply that it’s such a fantastic story, which in it’s current form, will only be seen by a handful of people.

It tells the story of a young female pop idol who is persuaded to leave her group and go into acting, much to the annoyance of her fans. As an actress and model she takes on roles which require a degree of nudity, and as a consequence, people around her begin to die mysteriously. At first it would seem that this is the response of an angered fan, but after a while she begins to suspect that it may be her committing these crimes, in the form of a split personality matching the cute and innocent pop idol image that she thought she’d left behind her.

A simply stunning film.


I have just learnt that Sky have brought the rights to Lost series 3 as opposed to Channel 4. Bear in mind that I cancelled my Sky subscription just a few months ago. This now means that I will likely have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to watch series 3, at which time it should hopefully be out on DVD. The same applies to Battlestar Galactica series 3 and 24 series 6, but for some reason the loss of Lost has hit me harder… Excuse me while I sob quietly in a corner… and no, I refuse to illegally download episodes from the internet.

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