Saturday, June 17, 2006

Portrait, Anthology and Elliot

Poor Elliot hasn’t been feeling well the last few days. It turns out that he had a “hand foot and mouth” infection which seems to be localised in his mouth. Basically it means that is mouth is full of blisters and is really very painful. As such, he hadn’t been able to eat much or even drink much the last few days and has understandably been rather miserable.

My parent had planned to take Elliot away today for a daytrip to Sark and for a while it was looking uncertain whether he would be able to make it. Thankfully he seemed a little perkier in the morning and has gone and by the sound of things, has been having a very nice day.

It’s been a rather strange day just with just Roz and I, almost as if we were just a couple again. It’s been rather a nice break, but all the same I’ve missed Elliot a bit.

I got the Beatles Anthology DVD boxset through from Amazon the other day and have started to watch through this. It’s all very interesting and I’ll likely post a little more about this once I’ve finished.

At playschool on Thursday Elliot made a couple of presents for me for Fathers Day. One of these is a coaster with a portrait of me that he drew. This is shown below:

The expression is probably about right, not too sure about the orange hair though :-\

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