Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tardis Tennis and Candy

Whilst browsing for online flash games with Elliot I came across the following:

Tardis Tennis

Just perfect for pre Wimbledon fever.

I especially like playing John Legend (Lennon) :)

Film watched:
Hard Candy

I normally try to avoid them, but…

*warning – spoilers*

This has got to be one of the only films I’ve ever seen where someone (a man, unsurprisingly, in this instance) has been forced to leave the cinema out of utter horror. He was sitting a little behind me and as such, I was privy to his sharp intake of breath as the particular scene took place followed by a comment along the lines of “I can’t take any more of this”.

Two word sum this up very nicely…

“Castration scene”

Of course you don’t actually see anything (thank god), but it’s the slow psychological build up to the scene and the fact that it doesn’t rush a single second that make it so stomach (or should that be groin) churning. That and the squishy sound effects.

Unfortunately the twists towards the end of the film are a little disappointing, I would have preferred it if you’d been left wondering a bit more about the girls sanity and whether the victim was really a paedophile or not.


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