Saturday, September 03, 2005

Oldboy and Pirates

I’m not just adding reviews for new films on my blog, I’m also adding reviews / opinions for older films that I have recently revisited. As in this case:

Films Watched:
As mentioned previously, I love Asian cinema and to my mind this has to be the pinnacle of Asian cinema so far (yes – even better than the Ring).

No other recent film that I have seen has such a tightly woven plot, such a starting visual and audio style, such stunning performances and directed with such flair.

Vengeance is the central theme of this film, and boy is it driven home with a stake (not literally, no vampires in this film, just sick and twisted individuals). It really is such a simple premise, i.e. a man is locked away for 15 years, then released and given 5 days to figure out who and more specifically why he has been imprisoned. This really is a stunning film from start to finish and what a fantastic and utterly twisted finale it is.

I won’t go into the story too much, as it would be a true crime to spoil anything for potential viewers.

Absolutely fantastic, really… Well deserving the Grand Prix du Jury in Cannes 2004. It’s just a shame that it has not been recognised by other awards bodies.

I’ve heard rumours that this may be yet another Asian film which will be remade by Hollywood. I have no objection to this, having enjoyed the remake to The Ring. I just very much doubt that Hollywood would be brave enough to tackle the themes and intensity of the revenge undertaken in this film. We shall see.


Pirates of the Caribbean
I won’t go on about this film too much, other to say that it really is one of the most “fun” films in recent years. A truly rip-roaring adventure which takes you along for the ride. It’s just amusing that it’s based upon such a poor and tedious Disney real life “ride”

A swashbuckling adventure of grand proportions, bring back memories of Errol Flynn and age old black and white matinee movies.

My only complaint would be that it tends to drag a little towards the end, at least 20 minutes or so could have been cut out to keep the pace up. It’s not that it has ant boring moments, it just feels that some of the action is repeating itself a tad.

Just hope the sequels matches or surpasses this quality.


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