Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Invisible Dragon

The first few lines of this poem came to me whilst I was driving home yesterday. I wrote the remainder last night and finalised it just before.

At the rate that I’m writing poetry recently, I’ll have to add another poetry collection document to soon…

The Invisible Dragon

The invisible dragon roars no more.
Its dying body lay on the floor.
As fire and blood erupts within,
Its life, once legend, begins to dim.
People roam around this death
Oblivious to its dying breath.

The invisible unicorn is all alone
Its graceful figure turned to stone.
Absence of love, joy and trust
Has turned this creature into dust.
As time goes by we forget its name
A blanket of apathy hides our shame.

An invisible world of magic and myth,
Hidden within the world we live,
Is fading slowly before our eyes,
Its marvel concealed by vicious lies.
The world is much more than it seems,
The magic lives on within our dreams.

1 comment:

Roz said...

Very good :) And I really like the last 2 lines....surprised I liked a poem about a dragon as much as I did. Hey, maybe your creative juices will be flowing on can be poetic about delayed boats, lousy weather and a tired toddler :)