Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nintendo Wifi gaming

Well following on from the announcement of the Revolution controller at the Tokyo Game Show, Nintendo have now started to reveal some details about their wifi service. The link below is to a leaflet which has recently been handed out to all retailers:

Wifi leaflet

This all looks good and promising. The key to getting wifi gaming to traditional non-online gamers really should be to keep it as simple as possible and also not to alienate hardcore gamers, which seems to be the route that Nintendo is taking.

Obviously Mario Kart DS will be the first game to launch, following by Tony Hawk, Animal Crossing and Metroid : Hunters. I’m looking forward to Mario Kart and Animal Crossing most. It’s just a shame that Advance Wars for the DS has already been release, as this would be fantastic to play online – here’s hoping that Nintendo release an updated version.

Just under 2 months now until I should be playing Mario Kart online on my DS. Should be no time at all until I’m wiping the floor of any competition to the shout of “Wa ha, I’m a Wario, I’m a gonna win” :)

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