Monday, September 12, 2005

Jersey cinema & films

Whilst I was in Jersey last week, I was lucky enough to visit the truly wonderful Cineworld cinema on the waterfront. It is so refreshing visiting such a splendid cinema, I just wish that Guernsey would get into gear and build the proposed cinema at Admiral Park.

The Jersey trip was also significant because it was the first time that we took Elliot away on holiday (he's 2 years old). He really was a very well behaved boy, even on the long (delayed) trip home. It was also nice to see him enjoying himself so much in the hotel pool, which really was very well equiped for children.

Films watched:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Tim Burton must really have some issues with his father. First Edward Scissorhands (with Depp), then Big Fish and now Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Depp again). Not having read any Rohal Dahl (although Roz is trying to persuade me) I can’t vouch for the sub plot about Willy Wonka’s father, but I suspect that this has been added.

Overall this is a fantastic kid’s film, I much preferred this to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but this is likely due to the Tim Burton touches that I have become accustomed to.
I really have to add that Johnny Depp really was quite impressive as Wonka, this and Pirates of the Caribbean really do highlight him as a fine character actor.


The 40 Year Old Virgin
I’m not a big fan of comedies, mainly I think because a joke is only funny once and this really diminishes any replay value that comedies have. Although there are still several comedies that I am fond of.

This film, was enjoyable viewing, although it did seem rather long towards the end for a comedy. Also the overall joke in the film seemed to wear a little thin at times.
It did have its moments and overall I would recommend that this film is worth watching at least once.


Red Eye
Sometimes a simple concept works very well. In this case two strangers meeting on a plane, getting along very well, then suddenly it turns out that the meeting wasn’t quite as coincidental as it would seem. A very tight thriller with a very confined space and with a very simple goal. My only gripe would be that I wished that the film remained set on the plane longer. The ending segment in the story set in the heroines home, really just seemed to “Hollywood” for my tastes.

Overall a very different and welcome change from Wes Craven.


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