Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Apartment

Film watched:
The Apartment

Okay, I’m throwing away my twenty word rule out of the window, instead, what I plan to do is just review films when and if it take my fancy, or if I feel like I have anything to say, as in this instance.

I’ve had The Apartment on my Lovefilm list for a little while now, as it is a classic film that I have wanted to watch for some time, however, as soon as I started watching it I suddenly realised that I didn’t know anything about it! Sure I knew that it was considered a “classic”, it was a Billy Wilder film and starred Jack Lemon (always good) and Shirley McClain. As such, I think I was expecting a whimsical classic comedy in the same vein as Some Like it Hot (best comedy of all time), but boy was I wrong.

Okay, maybe no completely wrong, yes it was whimsical and yes it had comedy elements, but it was a lot darker than I had imagined and also hit upon themes which I imagine were quite daring for early 60’s popular cinema. We’re talking adultery, self depreciation, suicide and above all else, the differences between those who take advantage of others and those that are taken advantage of.

Overall it is a masterfully written film with fantastic performances mainly by Lemon and McClain. A real gem that I’m glad has come to my attention.


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