Thursday, February 04, 2010

PSN issue and Borderlands

First of all I need to mention an oddity with PSN. For me (and possibly others, I have not checked), I seem to be disconnected from the PSN at 12:00 midnight every night, pretty much on the dot. At first I thought this was problems with my internet connection (which in the past I was having issues with, but this has nothing to do with that. It isn’t normally a problem, as I just need to pop back in the menu and sign in again, which takes a matter of seconds.

Anyway, onto Borderlands.

I haven’t posted on my blog about Borderlands (but then again I’ve barely touched my blog), but it is worth mentioning that it is a fantastic game. It is also a great co-operative game, which I have been playing with random strangers in my second playthrough (I would love to play it with real friends, but my real friends are either 360 owners or if they do have a PS3, hardly use it for gaming and likely have zero interest in Borderlands).

Anyway, in the past I have regretted buying DLC for games, as I find that I barely touch it and end resenting paying the money, but for Borderlands I have loved The Zombie Island of Dr Ned and Mad Moxxi’s Underdome. It has to be said, however, the Mad Moxxi is tough as hell. I have almost obtained all the trophies for the main game and, already have all of them for Dr Ned, for Moxxi, however, I have not even managed to get the first bronze.

Moxxi are tournament levels where you have 3 different arenas and have to fight through 5 rounds, each consisting of 5 waves (in other words 25 waves of baddies of ever increasing difficulty). To get the first bronze you have to beat all three arenas. I have managed one so far, and that was DIFFICULT. It is impossible to do on your own, you really need someone else along to help out for various reasons.

Incidentally, to get the other trophies you have to play all 3 arenas in a harder mode which is 20 rounds, each consisting of 5 waves (in other words 100 waves of baddies). I know that some people have managed this, but I fully believe that I will never manage this

Anyway, onto last night…

Last night I was trying a second arena on Moxxi and after a long, long slog, with many very, VERY closely fought battles, I just managed to get to the end (with higher level co-players). I was logged onto one of their games, so as such, was not hosting the game.

At the end of each round (even the last) there is a countdown from 10 to 1 to signify the end of the round. So as we finally killed the boss wave at the end of round 5 (the final round), I sank back into my sofa in relief, relieved that I’d managed to get through a second arena of Moxxi and also picked up some epic random generated weapons. I watched the timer, waiting for the victory to be registered.












(Falls to knees and shakes fists at the heavens)


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