Friday, January 15, 2010

Avatar and blog posts

First of all, I feel that I have to mention that I haven’t completely abandoned my blog, I’ve just dialled down things a little. Instead of posting reviews for all films that I see / games that I play etc, I will likely only be blogging very occasionally, or when the mood takes me.

Other big posts such as Oscar nominations, yearly reviews and E3 predictions etc will still be put on my blog, for my benefit more than anything.

Anyway, I managed to go and se Avatar (finally) the other days, so…

Film watched:

Undeniably excellent, but not Cameron’s best. Hampered a little by being unbelievably predictable. Pretty much an alien Dance with Wolves!



Anonymous said...

Did you watched the movie in 3d?

I found the 3d effects were not soo amazing. After a certain time you was accustomed, in my opinion.

Bazlurgan said...

Unfortunately not - our cinema is just plain rubbish. No chance of a 3D presentation here in Guernsey!

Anonymous said...

another reason to run your own cinema, like I told you months ago. :-)

asoe said...

Lol baz's place. Could see a good film there.

Shame to here your not going to be bloggin as much I like Reading your blog. Also a good read here.

Bazlurgan said...

I still will blog occasionally - and yeah - my LCD and sound system at home is IMHO far superior to our local cinema!