Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flat issues and stress

Okay…I’m going to try to get all my stress out of my system.

I have been stressed up to my eyeballs for the last few days, and I think its done havoc to my health and general immune system (and quite definitely my general mood and demeanour). So, I thought I’d put my blog to good use and rant on here.

It started last Thursday after we had returned back after a very pleasant and indulgent trip away to Jersey for a few days. The tenant (whom I shall not name) from the flat which we own below our maisonette, came to see me and explain that she was intending to move out on the Saturday (i.e. within 2 days) with the intention of moving away from the Island. She explained that she had arranged for someone else to move in and in effect take over her lease which doesn’t expire until June 2009 and as such she wanted her deposit back.

I explained to her that this was not acceptable, for a number of reasons:

* The notice she had given us was frankly ludicrous.

* She had signed to lease to June 2009 and there is no clause in the lease allowing her lease to be transferred to another person.

* We had no idea who the person was that she had intended take over her lease, plus he had no references and by the sounds of things was unable to provide any references (never a good sign).

* Once she had finished with the property we did not have any intention of reletting it out publically.

* The main reason for this being that my parents will shortly be in need of accommodation and as such, the flat was going to be used by them.

* By quitting the premises early she would be invalidating her lease and as such would not be entitled to the deposit back.

* I also pointed out that she was still in arrears with outstanding rent going back several months and also had in effect been in the property for several days without paying the current monthly rent as such, there was no way that she would be entitled to all of the deposit back.

She was not happy about this, and as a consequence I offered her a reasonable compromise, so long as she left on the Saturday. She however, did not accept this and instead indicated that she would accept that she would be unable to get her deposit back and instead would be leaving this coming Wednesday.

I spoke to her again this morning, and it now seems that she will be doing her very best to make things as humanly difficult for us. She has junk discarded in the garden (which is shared with us). An abandoned vehicle in her parking space (which is unlikely to be removed prior to her departure and she will not accept our help to arrange for this to be removed). She in all likelihood will be leaving numerous items behind in the flat (when she eventually goes), which we will have to deal with. Also, several aspects of the flat are not being left in a particularly good state of repair. She is also indicating that she might as well stay in the flat for as long as possible as she has “paid up” for the month (referring to her deposit), which she clearly hasn’t.

I’m therefore expecting that we will be forced to evict yet another tenant and also in addition, have heap of crap to sort out in addition to this. All extra time, money and effort on our part, all of which has been doing my head in.

I wouldn’t normally post about such personal matters on my blog, but sod it.

I really could do without all this rubbish, what will my operation coming up in the next couple of weeks.


Mark said...

Wowsers! You've had really bad luck with tenants :-(

Good luck with getting rid of this rather bizarre lady........at least you know that the new tenants will be good!

Sinbad said...

Ugh, well at least once your parents are in you won't have to worry about this kind of thing any more...