Thursday, October 02, 2008

DSi & revived franchises

Well it looks like I was partially right:


- Slightly thinner than the DS Lite, but also ever so slightly bigger
- No GBA slot
- Larger screens (17% bigger)
- Plays MP3’s and AAC.
- Includes 2 camera’s, one on the outside with is 3 megapixels and one on the inside hinge .3 megapixels
- SD Memory card slot
- Built in internet browser
- Internal flash memory
- Opportunity to Download DSiWare games
- Due to launch November in Japan and Spring in Europe

Revived franchises for the Wii

- Punchout
- Sin and Punishment 2 (wooh!)

Wii storage issue

- As from Spring 2009, games can be stored on SD cards.

Well I was seconds away from preordering the DSi on import from Japan, when my sense got hold of me. I can foresee possible compatibility issues with the DSiWare games, and would not want that. Also, Spring 2009 isn’t too much time to wait.

I just hope my current Ds Lite holds out until then, as it has developed a big nasty crack on the frame (in addition to a small one on the hinge). I blame frantic playing on Guitar Hero, but then again I do tend to use my DS a hell of a lot (probably more so than my Wii and PS3 combined).

Anyway, all good stuff.

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Sinbad said...

Hmm, I greeted the DSi news with a big 'so what'; the camera isn't much use if you already have one on your phone (which everyone does), and it's hardly going to be a replacement for my ipod.

I guess if it isn't broke, there's no point fixing it in any major way. Not a worthwhile 'upgrade' in my view (unlike the Lite) but useful if yours breaks.