Thursday, October 02, 2008

Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Big N conference

Film watched:
Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Equally grand and silly and awash with inacuratisms. Mildly entertaining.


Well, it would seem that Nintendo are holding a big press conference tomorrow (not sure what time) and the rumours have been flying around the internet like wild fire. Will a new design of DS be unvieled, a new HD Wii or a reboot of one of their old franchises?

My money is on either of the following:

1) A new DS with multimedia features (camera, flash storage), but slimmer than the lite, at the expense of the loss of the GBA slot.

2) A new Kid Icarus game.

Or alternatively, both of the above.

I very much doubt that they would announce revisions to either the DS or the Wii just before Christmas (unless of course they were launching before Christmas - which would be unlikely) as this would hit their sales in a big way.

Then again, they must be drowning in money at the moment.

Anyway, it'll probably be nothing, just a lot of rumour and speculation. We'll find out tomorrow.

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or you can save the money to buy the local cinema...