Friday, August 29, 2008

Ratings explained

I thought I’d also take a moment to reiterate my ratings for films… i.e. what the 0-10 ratings actually mean to me:

10 – Never to be awarded – a perfect film.
9 – A truly outstanding film, amongst the best I’ve seen.
8 – An excellent film, wholeheartedly recommended.
7 – A good film, entertaining.
6 – Merely above average.
5 – Decidable average.
4 – A below average film.
3 – A poor film.
2 – A truly terrible film.
1 – Reserved for those films which I have been forced to stop watching, for fear of my last remaining brain cells dying (Scary Movie and The Black Dahlia being prime examples).
0 – Not a film, but an exercise in agony (Baise-Moi)

As I generally enjoy films, most tend to fall within the 5-8 range (with .5 increments).

There… Just wanted to get that out of my system.

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