Monday, August 18, 2008

Films, Batman 3, Uncharted and Fahrenheit

Films watched:
The Wicker Man

Dated and frankly a little dumb. Not a classic.


Die Hard 4.0

Better than expected, instantly forgettable, but not bad.


Whilst scanning internet sites the other day, I stumbled up following poster:

It does include a slight spoiler (but not a big spoiler), so if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight yet and don’t want to look, don’t look. Anyway, I thought that it was fantastic. Obviously it’s a fake, fan poster for Batman 3, as no firm plans are yet in place for the next firm, but even so, it’s a very professional and well put together fake.

A lot of people have been gunning for the Riddler for the next film and I’ve always been a bit against this, as I’m not a big Riddler fan (I’d like to see Talia al Ghul in the next one), but maybe, just maybe the Riddler would make a good baddie after all.

I’m currently replaying through Uncharted on the PS3 on a harder difficulty level. This was initially just to get some additional trophies (I know – a little sad, but strangely addictive), but in doing so I have been reminded how fantastic the game. It really is one of the very best on the PS3, with fantastic dialogue, a great story, soundtrack and also a thrill to play. I hope there is news of a sequel soon.

Talking of great story lead games, I also picked up Fahrenheit on the cheap a few weeks back for the PS2 and have been very pleasantly surprised by this. The graphics for a PS2 game really are pretty impressive. I do wonder, however, how this managed to get away with a 15 certificate, what with the level of violence and also full frontal nudity (you can tell it’s a French game). Anyway, all good fun.


Sinbad said...

You see?!! :) Achievements (sorry, Trophies) encourage you to enjoy your games more. This is what I found when I actually experienced them, far from them being a pointless 'top trumps' thing they genuinely extend replay value, when done well anyway. It's like a high score system for non arcade games. Shock - Microsoft can in fact invent good things sometimes.

Bazlurgan said...


Hands up - you're right...

Microsoft.... did.... something.... original.... and... good....

boy that hurt sayiing ;)

Does the Xbox have pretty bronze, silver, gold and platinum tophies (sorry, achievments)

Anonymous said...

I think Fahrenheit could be one of the best games for PS2. The first 10 minutes were so amazing, I loved.

But unfortunately the second part of the hole story sucks really. The story is to far-fetched at the end.

Sinbad said...

The 360's achievements are entirely points-based, there are no fixed graduations like gold/silver etc. To be honest, the smaller more obscure achievements are often the most fun to get anyway, so I'm not sure I'd want to be focussed on the higher-scoring achievements - I get the impression with trophies that you're encouraged to chase the gold / platinum ones primarily - and while achievements are scored too, if you don't care much about your gamerscore it's nice just to get your achievement count up (e.g. 8 of 12). Proportionately in games like Geometry Wars 2, all the achievements would probably be Bronze (Silver at most) because they're all low scoring, but they're all fun to try to get. I prefer lots of quirky low-score achievements than just a few big ones - the big ones tend to be for completing a game on the highest difficulty but they also tend to be the lazier and uninventive achievements.

Bazlurgan said...

@ Anon - I'm probably only around 1/3 of the way through the game so far, and have been loving it. I agree re the first 10 minutes :)