Friday, August 29, 2008

30 Days of Night & Warhawk Trophies

Film Watched:
30 Days of Night

Tries hard, but fails on many, many levels. Try harder.


I have been replaying Warhawk over the last few days to try to obtain a few of the trophies introduced into the game, and boy are they hard and obscure! I've actually surprised myself by the number that I've managed to get, but even still I think I only stand at around 8%.

I spoke to someone on a forum the other day who said that he has played the game now for close to 200 hours (yes - 200!) and even then thinks he'd some distance from meeting all the requirements to get 100%! (200 hours!!!!!!!)


Sinbad said...

On average I tend to get about 20-25% of the achievements in a game, my best being N+ and Mutant Storm Empire in which I got a whopping 50% (of 12 in each case - full games have 40-60 usually). But then you do get an achievement for dying 1000 times in N+ :)

I strongly believe that people who collect all the achievements in a game have no life!

Bazlurgan said...

The best I've managed so far is Uncharted, which gave me 78% - my worst is around 23% for Pixel Junk Eden (Which is damn hard). Then again I just have 4 games with trophy support at the mo.

I agree - collecting trophies or achievements for the sake of it is sad, but doing it to challenge yourself further in a game is a good thing.