Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unhappy bunny

Just a short post...

Not been too happy as of late. First there was my incident on Sunday and since then I have been quietly panicking that the same thing will happen again. In addition to this there are also another 2 issues which have been bothering me, neither of which I can discuss on my blog. One is financial and the other health related...

Altogether I've been one unhappy bunny...


Sinbad said...


Would you like to come down sometime over the weekend for a Rock Band session or something? Always cheers me up! Or just to chat if you want.

I hadn't asked because I assumed you'd be busy with MGS4 but you're welcome any time.

Great picture though - I'd dub himi 'Imperial Death Bunny'. Could use a cape though.

Bazlurgan said...

Thanks for the offer… I’ll think about it.

I’m currently wallowing in self pity rather than spreading the gloom around (although Roz would argue that fact).

Thanks for the thought anyway.

Mark said...

I've just seen your war of the roses and unhappy bunny posts (not sure how your humour levels are holding up but I agree with Steve, great bunny photo!).


Sorry to hear the news. Money and health, damn bad luck to have those kind of issues arising at once!

Again, if you fancy someone to talk (rabbit......freudian?) to then I'm only an email/phone call/fax/telex/telegram/jungle drum away.