Sunday, June 01, 2008

Indy and Ironman

Films watched:

Great, but gets lost once Ironman mark 2 is finalised.


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Still Indy, but a weak Indy. Certainly no Raiders.


I’m going to bend my rule a little by adding a few comments about Indiana Jones.

It has to be said that I’d probably put the film on par with Temple of Doom, which is to say that it is good, but far from great. Indy 4 had plenty going for it, and it certainly had some great Indy moments, but it also had some really, really dumb moments. It reminds me a bit of the really dumb moments in Temple, such as falling out of a plane and surviving by landing in an inflatable dingy…. Without spoiling much, I will list the moments below and my general thoughts.

1) Fridge… Funny, but oh so very, very stupid. Bending believability so much that it snaps in a dozen or more places.

2) Monkey and Vines… Probably the lowest point in the whole film for me… really, who thought this was a good idea?

3) Marion’s shortcut… Come on now, what is this, a cartoon?

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Sinbad said...

I had the same thought regarding Temple of Doom - it's like ToD but with better effects.

I totally agree with your low points. I expect that the monkeys were George 'gone totally batsh*t' Lucas' idea. I also think there was too much action in the last half, it was basically just one huge action sequence with occasional quips. And how dumb do they think the audience is anyway - the sequence of 'big reveals' near the end just made me think 'well DUH' - anyone with half a brain would have figured this stuff out halfway through the film already.

Fun but a bit too dumb than we have a right to expect from Indy.