Friday, December 22, 2006

Wii Opera

Well the web browser from Opera is now up and running and ready to download for the Wii, it may be a beta version, but it’s still very impressive. Simple and easy to use, it’s just perfect for those who are both used to the complexities of PC use and therefore, just perfect for Nintendo’s target audience, namely those out there who are less used to gaming.

The speed of the browser is just as good ad your average PC and the browser handles more complex sites such as Youtube, including streaming video, just perfectly. The only thing it lacks is a keyboard, but even then, typing isn’t as slow as you’d imagine.

For great flash games for the Wii try Wiicade:

Wiicade, just here…

Just finished the 3rd Dungeon in Zelda, which was right pain…. The boss on the other hand, was a complete breeze in comparison.

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