Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Forecast and slight Zelda Spoiler

The Wii Forcast channel is now up and running... Who would have thought that spinning the globe round and round like a basketball would be so much fun!

Sure it's limited (doesn't show Guernsey), but a fun little addition all the same.

Only a few more days now until the Beta Opera Browser. I'm looking forward to seeing how well the Wii handles the internet.

*** Zelda Spoiler ***

For those who have played Ocarina of Time, the words "Water Temple" bring about a shudder of fear... Well let me tell you, it's back... It's bad (as in difficult naturally - not bad, bad).

I'm ashamed to say that my other games really don't get much of a look in at the moment, Zelda pretty much monopolises my time. Although I did get a Fitness age of 27 on Wii Sports the other day, strangely enough, just as I was starting to come down with a cold... Fitness eh!

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