Sunday, August 06, 2006

London trip

Whilst waiting in at the departure gate at Gatwick airport I started to get a pounding headache, by the time I got back to Guernsey this was so bad that I was barely able to keep my eyes open. The last few days I have continued to have headaches to a lesser degree complimented by a temperature and a general feeling of crapness.

Just glad that I was feeling fit for London.

It was a little strange being back in London after my previous trip (which coincided with 7/7). Certain locations hold very strong memories of that day and it was unusual returning back, although it good to see London back to normal.

Anyway, London film review time.

Films watched:

I must admit I had my doubts. So far Pixar have been incapable of making a bad film, even their worst (A Bugs Life) was still very entertaining, but the trailers for Cars haven’t been that inspiring. I was pleasantly surprised then that Cars retains the Pixar magic.

Whilst not as good as the likes of Nemo and Toy Story, this is still very entertaining with likeable characters and a good story. Overall a pleasant surprise.


Superman Returns

Very much in the spirit of the initial two Superman films, which in my book is a very good thing, as these are amongst the finest examples of Superhero movies.

The story centres on the fact that Superman has been away for roughly five years and as such the world has adjusted to life without him (Lois especially). I had my doubts about this film primarily because I didn’t think that Christopher Reeves would be easy to replace in the role, it was therefore pleasing to see that Brandon Routh does a very fine job as Superman. Kevin Spacey is also, as expected, absolutely great as Lex Luther.

It’s a shame that this film hasn’t been as successful as the studio had hoped, but the fact that a sequel has already been green lit I a good thing.


Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man’s Chest

This reminded me very much of Matrix Revolution, i.e. a totally pointless sequel. This effectively had no plot just a set number of situations, most of which were totally uninspiring and seemed to be just set up to put the main character (but mainly Jack Sparrow) in amusing situations.

A very big disappointment.


Miami Vice

Another disappointment.

I guess that I was hoping that this would be as good as heat (same director), but this was probably hoping for a little too much. Much of the film is really little more than an excuse to make Crocket and Tubbs (and Miami) look as cool as possible, at no stage did you learn much about any of the characters and as such you felt very little for them.

If you like seeing fast cars and fast boats and don’t mind a lack of characterization and plot, then this film is for you.


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